Professional Biological Consulting

Finding a consultant to identify the sensitive biological resources on a piece of land, and to help you understand and negotiate the applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations and policies, can be daunting. To help ensure a positive outcome for your situation, your consultant must possess extensive experience, scientific credibility, and a spotless professional reputation.

Robert A. Hamilton has been consulting independently since 1994, and in 2009 he incorporated as Hamilton Biological, Inc. Working as part of a network of respected specialists, Hamilton Biological conducts endangered species surveys, general plant and wildlife surveys, preparation of EIRs and other CEQA documents, noise monitoring, land planning and management, and independent third-party review of biological reports, impact analyses, and mitigation plans.

Hamilton Biological stakes its reputation on scientific integrity and well-reasoned analyses. The company is committed to working with a wide range of businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals involved in the responsible planning and management of natural resources in southern California. Please review some representative projects.